Jean Watters - Author

Over the Horizon - Moon Cover 24x16.jpg

Available November 2019

Maya exists as versions of herself in a multi-dimensional universe.   on the planet, Cearuleum, lovers Maya and Jack are in a motorcycle accident.  On the brink of death, Maya is taken to the International Consciousness Agency, where Jack’s former lover, Aquarius, runs experiments to identify and quantify the human soul by killing her subjects.

After passing through the white room, Maya is on the planet Surrex, an alternate reality. She meets and falls in love with Jack.  Reunited with her past, she discovers Aquarius is the daughter she thought she lost.

When Maya meets Jack on Earth, she has an overwhelming sense that she knows him from somewhere.  Their relationship is interrupted by Maya’s crazy sister, Aquarius, who lives in a mental institution with a non-descript personality disorder.   Confused by her time and place on Earth, Aquarius is adamant that she is the Director of a huge government agency, the International Consciousness Agency.