Over the Horizon - Chapter 3

She stands taller than the average woman. Wearing a modest black dress with a V-neck line, it hits at her knees, the sleeves at her elbows. It’s her favorite dress, hanging perfectly on her lanky, wiry frame. It reveals nothing. Modest. Simple black flats on her feet, and near-to-nothing natural make-up, she doesn’t appear ostentatious. Classy.

Dark brown hair sweeps past her shoulders. When the afternoon sunlight flashes against her gray-blue eyes, they sparkle, like moons reflected in a shattered mirror, full of knowing and broken promises and keeping secrets. She is a wise sage, years beyond the youthfulness of her lifetime. Exaggerating her age, barely etched fine lines frame the pair of galaxies.

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Over the Horizon

With eyes closed, a vision of a man appeared before her. Faceless, she only felt his presence, his energy, a connection like she felt with Aquarius. Who are you? The features of his face, the jawline, the shape were elusive, but those eyes. I know you. They were his eyes, and they were hers. A mirror. Looking into his eyes, she could see what he saw. The past, the future, a world beyond her own understanding. She could see him staring back into her eyes like a mirrored version of herself. A voice not her own: You are part me and I part you. She knew him. I have always known you. The man who summoned her to see the Queen Supreme. What is it to know a mystery? It is to know the history. To feel pain and joy. To know love and be free.

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