Midnight Desert Highway

The absence of the moon allowed the glittering silver starlight to fill the expansive space of the sky above Autumn’s head.  The midnight sky was the color of a pool of dark ink.  As Autumn rested her head on the smooth, cold glass of the window and stared into the night sky, her breathing created a small patch of fog next to her cheek.  She listened to the heater whirring, the humming of the tires, steady and solid against the asphalt of the narrow two-lane highway.  The radio signal’s didn’t quite reach them and they had burned through all of their CD’s several times over.  The sky filled with stars and the expansiveness of space gave Autumn the incredible feeling that she was here, now in this moment.  Looking at all those stars and into space, she imagined there must be something more.  She felt herself floating, drifting.  Her body stayed put, but her mind wanted to wander away, to touch the stars, to see the edge of the universe.  Knowing in all of its great expansiveness in this 3D reality, there was something more.  At the edge of the universe, a gateway or a door into another dimension where time and space did not exist.  The place of light and energy where colors - gold, pink, silver, turquoise, emerald green, purple, indigo and every vivid and vibrant shade of colors without names - melded together and energy moved about freely.

A NovelJean WattersComment