Morning Train

Before the sun rises, the morning train swishes and sways back and forth.  The low grumble of the engine pulling or pushing the cars screeches on narrow tracks as the 7:21 begins to ramble down the line picking up speed carrying the morning commuters to the big D.  Anti - social and sleepy, no one speaks.  College students begin studying while suits answer email and send text messages.  Worker drones lodge headphones in their ears or read actual books made of paper and ink.  Some ride the train out of necessity and some by choice.  As the train fills with passengers, seats become mingled with bodies to large to fit in the allotted space.  The travelers getting on the train at later stops look for open seats.  Sitting in a four-plex - where two sets of seats face each other - those who got on at the beginning of the line and carefully selected their spot now avoid eye contact in an effort to portray a level of anti - socialism so as to reserve the empty seats near them and any bubble of personal space remaining.  Another stop, more people get on.  Watching out the window, as the sun rises, trees bow their limbs in the wake of the train to say "good morning" while the cars race across the flat expanse of countryside separating two cities.  The business of the day has yet to begin as the sun peaks over the horizon.