Ramblings of a Writer

Happy Friday everyone!

This week I learned a great deal about self-publishing (aka Indie Publishing).  I spent more time researching the overall process than I did any actual writing.

At first, it seemed an overwhelming amount of information.  After considering all the different stages and all the resources available, I have made some decisions.  I’ll be outsourcing a lot of the tasks, such as editing, marketing, and promotions so the book at least pays for itself.

Of course, I can’t edit myself.  It would be like trying to give myself plastic surgery.  It can’t really be done, certainly not well.

Although I could do the promoting and marketing myself, I hate marketing.  Its like, “Let me just take my soul out for a while and promote and market the hell out of this thing.”  Which I can do, I just don’t want to.  I plan on doing some promoting and marketing, but the reality is I really need professional help.  Looks like I’ll be outsourcing most of it.

There are editorial services, cover design services, art services, and marketing and promotion services.  All paid for a la carte style.  There are so many different service providers to choose from and the costs can add up quickly, so I’m planning on investing in myself, my projects, and producing the best possible book I can.

Turns out publishing a book, is straightforward.  There are legitimate resources, which are free and only take a few hours to upload, create, review, and then voila, publish!  It is probably the easiest part of the entire process of idea, to writing, to published, to book – in – readers – hands.

Right now, I’m still in the writing phase of my current project – which is mostly complete, but I’m going through it chapter-by-chapter, line by line to see where I can clean it up, expand on the ideas and keep the story moving along without being clunky or leaving out major ideas.  The most challenging (or maybe it’s the easiest) thing is the actual writing.  Check that- actually writing something good.  Onto more writing – oh, and I did finish a couple of chapters this week so only 15 more to go!