Paradoxical Existence

Fierce is the sword tempered in fire and water.
Tempered against brittleness and brokenness, the blade is strong, the edge sharp.
There is no doubt of its strength or purpose.
It does not rust or break or bend.
There may be nicks or dents or dings, memories of battles won.

Ruminate, cultivate, contemplate

My boots go clickity-clack on cobblestone roads, illuminated by the glow of streetlamps.
The night smooth as black velvet, scattered reflections  from gone-again rains, 
     and movie music plays in the background.

I am everywhere and nowhere.

Glorious times abound, in photos, gregarious laughter cloaks the shadows of the heart.
Half a story told, TRUTHS and LIES,
     facing facts but not feelings, following feelings while ignoring facts.
I hide because I cannot hide the TRUTH from the LIES, but I cannot face either.
Stuck in the in-between place, I am everywhere and nowhere.

Living the dream or the nightmare, sometimes I don’t know which.
In pictures I watch as others live my dream, your dream, and I contemplate, 
     whose dream am I living?

Fixate, meditate, gravitate

Life is a series of moments strung together like beads on a string.
Enjoy the moment, for the moments pass quickly.
Do not worry about the past or the future.
Make spontaneous plans.
While your head floats in the clouds, 
     never stop dreaming while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

PoetryJean WattersComment