Over the Horizon


"It's just over the horizon."
"What is?"
"Your love, your new life, your peace, and happiness."
"How do you know"
"Because I just came from there.  And I saw it. Your future.  I saw it there, over the horizon."

The messenger seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Maya paid him no mind.


"The horizon is an illusion, a mirage," Maya began. "You and I can plainly see it's existence, but you try to reach such a place and the efforts are futile.  Eventually, what once was may reach me,  but it will not be what I thought it was.  Sometimes the light glimmers and shines, but in the darkness I see clearly what is and isn't.  So forgive me if I find your enthusiasm for the future, for what lies beyond the horizon, wretched."

With a wave of her hand, she dismissed him.  He did not waiver.  He did not move. As a statue he held his ground.  With a gentle firmness he remained steadfast in his confidence and hope. 

Clank. Clank.  Kla-CHINK! Clank. Clank.  Maya worked the shovel into the ground begging its forgiveness, forcing its compliance.  Clank. Clank. Kla - CHINK!  She wished the messenger would go, but knew he would not. 

"What then, would you have me do?" Maya asked without so much as an upward glance.
"Well, it's not about what you DO.  You have done much already.  It is about what you THINK."
"I don't think much about anything.  Never saw a reason for it.  Thinking," she scoffed, "is for the wise and lazy. I am neither."

"The lazy do not think much and the wise have experienced a great deal much like yourself." He quipped.

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